Agostina Cerullo is a London and New York based photographer, who embarked on her artistic journey through studies at the University of the Arts in London and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
Agostina's photographic style is a captivating blend of nostalgia and warmth, juxtaposed with daring high contrast, which adds a dramatic edge to her compositions, emphasising the interplay between light and shadow.
Intuition and improvisation are at the chore of her work, where the essence of the moment takes center stage. It's in these unscripted, unguarded moments that she finds her inspiration, allowing her to create images that resonate with authenticity.
Within her repertoire, Agostina is particularly drawn to the world of portraiture, crafting powerful and evocative compositions. Her candid photography is a testament to her sense of perspective and composition, capturing the natural beauty of fleeting moments.
Beyond her passion for still photography, Agostina has ventured into the realm of experimental and music videos. Her collaboration with musicians has enabled her to infuse her visual storytelling with the rhythm and energy of music.
One of Agostina's distinctive qualities as a photographer is her versatility allowing her to adapt her artistic approach to the unique needs of each project.
Through her lens, she invites you to join her on this visual odyssey, where every image is a window to a world of emotions, memories, and creativity.

 Art is all I am and all I desire to be 

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