Agostina Cerullo is an Argentine photographer whose creative journey spans across London, New York, and Buenos Aires. Her artistic exploration began with studies at the University of the Arts in London and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
Blending nostalgia with warmth and a touch of drama, Agostina's photographic style showcases the interplay between light and shadow, capturing the essence of moments filled with personal relations, closeness, and silence, as well as the complexities of growth, youth, love and grief.
Driven by intuition and a penchant for improvisation, Agostina's work places the essence of the moment at its core, resulting in authentic and unguarded images that resonate deeply.
Portraiture holds a special allure for Agostina, where she crafts compelling compositions that reveal the natural beauty of fleeting moments. Her candid approach reflects a keen sense of perspective and composition.
Beyond still photography, Agostina explores the realms of art installation and experimental musical videos, infusing her visual storytelling with the rhythm and energy of sound and visual sequencing.
Versatility defines Agostina's approach, allowing her to adapt seamlessly to the unique needs of each project. Through her lens, she invites you on a visual odyssey where every image serves as a window to a world of emotions, memories, and boundless creativity.

 Art is all I am and all I desire to be 

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