''Art is all I am and all I desire to be''

Agostina is a self taught Visual Artist exploring the different dimensions of Art practice through a diverse array of mediums. 
With a passion for Black and White, her portraits are unusual and rather unique. She is drawn most to high contrast, symmetry and shapes, creating potent compositions and challenging pieces.
Her style often changes although the essence in her work is persistent.                                                 She likes to portray people that have been less represented by the media and change to better the perspective they hold of themselves. Agostina enjoys creating visual narratives; often questions and answers to certain social-cultural topics might arise while observing her work. 
''I always felt in search for my real identity. Having moved from Latin-America to Europe at a young age I often had a feeling of detachment of not really belonging anywhere. Art is all I am and all I desire to be. I believe in creation as in destruction, in art as in vulnerability as one doesn't exist without the other. Using art as a method of self-discovery, finding myself through my artistic endeavours as art is for me the most authentic form of expression.''
Born in Buenos Aires, grew up in Seville and currently based in London.
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